History of Webb Global Transfer

Our Story

Webb’s humble beginnings are traced back to 1902 when Walter Webb began Webb Transfer with a horse and a buggy in Fort Scott, Kansas.

Walter later sold the company to his son Lonny Webb and Lonny sold the company in the early 1980’s.  Fast forward to present times, the entrepreneur spirit continues to run deep in the Webb family bloodline.  Lisa Murdock, Walter Webb’s great-granddaughter restarted the company with more of a global reach but with the same core values, traditions and culture that dates back to 1902.  Lisa kept the original name, but added Global to emphasize the companies’ global capabilities.  Today, Lisa Murdock has built a company with past performance on nearly every continent with an aggressive growth model

Webb GloBal Transfer Today

With the level of success Webb Global Transfer enjoys today, Lisa has made sure that the success of the company does not falter and continues to practice its core values dating back to 1902.

Thus, Lisa is also the author of the “Expanding Recursive Model”™.  The model is directly linked to one of Lisa’s passions, Corporate Social Responsibility.  The model positively leads from every direction, just as Lisa Murdock does, and Walter Webb had done.  Moreover, just as her great grandfather, Walter Webb, Lisa Murdock’s entrepreneur passion does not stop with Webb Global Transfer, as she is engaged with additional businesses.

Our Core ValUES

Our core values, traditions and culture dates back to 1902.

  • Integrity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Customer Centric